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All Inclusive

07.07.2012 :     This summer ALFA WEB offers ALL INCLUSIVE services

sun We increased web hosting resources, BUT THE PRICES STAYED THE SAME

newsun DHS package: Domain + Hosting + Site

Three easy steps with ALFA WEB:
1) Purchase a name from .ro domain or international domain
2) Purchase a plan from hosting
3) We make you a website


The price for a DHS package goes as following:
Domain = 29,5 euro (1.5 euro discount)
Hosting Beta 1,4 Euro x 12 months = 16,8 Euro (1.2 euro discount)
Site price = 49 Euro
  • Presentation page
  • Personalized website design
  • Contact form
TOTAL = 95.3 Euro

Details and prices above are informative, any DHS service package can be changed (another hosting plan, another domain, a more complex site) and negotiated

All Inclusive

All listed prices do not include VAT and bills are issued in RON at the BNR exchange rate without commission